Kingdom of Eldora  (El-dora)

Places in Eldora


Notable Places in Granport

The Afterlife Casino

Previously owned by Quinten Togglepot, this casino used to be one of the most hoppin' places in town. In 127 PS, during one of the biggest poker tournaments of the millennia, the security system malfunctioned and started attacking innocent bystanders. Stark naked, Togglepot ushered everyone out, personally apologizing with a handshake and uncomfortable eye contact. Shortly after everyone was evacuated, the casino exploded.

The Shudders

Although it is the poorest district in Granport, the Shudders is home to the Blister & Brew, an inn and tavern with quality craft brews. 

"Fine beer and a decent place to do shady business." - Anonymous patron

The Dreamer's Children's Home

This one is near and dear to our heart, as this is where our very own Pyrig grew up! An orphanage in Dusk Village that provides children with top-notch care that they need to become productive members of society.

*Note: this orphanage does not accept children with Mist corruption

Aether Right Headquarters

Located where the Afterlife Casino used to be, this group of freelancers will help your crew find (mostly) reliable and (probably) trustworthy jobs.

Not Ready To Rest Homes

This evil retirement home that kidnaps old folks wandering the streets by themselves, even though they are completely capable of finding their own way!!

There is bingo in the main hall every 7 days, and dance classes on the first of each month, except in Late-Shattering.

Old n' Bold Antiques

Delightful little shoppe for all your needs! You may even find things you never knew you needed!

"Service is a little slow, but they have some really neat things!" - K

The Technocratic Republic of Aethos (Ay-those)

Places in the TRA

The TRA Maelstrom

The United Territories of Dominesk (Dom-in-esk)

The Concordium of The Eight

Other Planes

These are places that our crew may not have been to, but are still relevant to our world.

The Feywild

Full of tricksters and magic, this realm is not for the faint of heart.

The Concordant Express

Train that brought passengers between Aarkera and different realms. Decommissioned in 127 PS when the assassin group, the Frogs of Avalon, stole half the train.


Used to be a pretty scary place, ruled by Go-At and controlled by a dragon. Currently ruled by two brothers, but their identities are unknown.