Session 9

Blair, Oma's adopted daughter, drops a bombshell—she's bound by a contract to end the party's lives, but the puppet master behind it remains elusive. A dark cloud of danger envelops them as they grapple with this enigmatic threat.

Sera's suspicions point fingers at the Aethos empire, linking stolen technology and betrayals. As the group seeks answers, they meet with the mysterious God Speaker, who assigns a precarious mission of peace between Aethos and Eldora. Sera's doubt deepens, questioning the divine guidance amidst the looming shadow of Aethos' sinister agenda.

Embarking on a covert journey to the Burning Waters, the party finds themselves in Glasspyre. Their paths diverge—Pyrig and Sera on a quest for essential glass, while Oma and Xoothar explore souvenirs, stumbling upon an unexpected culinary escapade at the peculiar All You Can Fish. Amidst securing vital resources and questionable squids, the group's fates intertwine, leading Pyrig to a clandestine meeting with the mysterious Azumeth.

Session 8

In the aftermath of their harrowing ordeal, the changelings Polish and Danny deliver a chilling revelation to the crew of The Bird, disclosing the existence of a contract targeting their lives. The crew, somewhat unfazed by such threats, opts for a celebratory escapade. Their revelry leads them to a series of bars, where the night takes an unpredictable turn.

At the first bar, Oma receives a mysterious note, urging them to depart. Sera, captivated by the festivities, indulges in a spirited evening, with Captain Xoothar dutifully watching over her. Meanwhile, Oma and Pyrig decide to retire early.

The raucous celebration continues at the next bar until a scream pierces the merriment. The crowd evacuates, and Xoothar's investigation reveals an attempt to ignite a trail of gunpowder, which he manages to extinguish. Beyond the bar's doors, the scent of smoke fills the air. The establishment is ablaze, and a peculiar woman hangs perilously from a window. Suspicion thickens as her ever-shifting face reveals her true intent – to claim the contract on The Bird. In a daring move, Sera hurls the woman into the flames, her cryptic declaration, 'Boom!' ringing through the night. The bar erupts into chaos, but miraculously, no lives are lost.

Amidst the tumult, Sera and Xoothar make their way back to The Bird, the night's revels yielding a blend of mystery, mayhem, and a renewed sense of camaraderie among the crew.

As the sun rises on a new day, Sera, somehow free from the grasp of a hangover, takes to the kitchen to whip up breakfast. The Changlings make a visit, and Sera discovers she has a shape-shifting item of mystery. In an unexpected twist, they share news of a God Speaker desiring an audience with The Bird. The destination: The Dream Eater, a casino ship, where they must convene that night, the gifted gambling coins serving as an intriguing prelude. Meanwhile, Pyrig's yearning for the Burning Waters remains unfulfilled due to the ship's limitations.

With time to spare, the crew enjoys a day of leisure, drawing attention and admiration from a group of dockside revelers. Amidst this merriment, Sera finds herself the object of a Fire Genasi's affections, encouraged by Oma. Captain Xoothar secures an enticing deal for upgraded weaponry, adding another layer to the day's festivities.

Nightfall beckons them to the Dream Eater, where gambling and anticipation flourish. While Xoothar and Pyrig amass enough coins for prizes, the entire crew is gifted prize rolls, bestowed upon them for their heroics. After acquiring various trinkets and before their audience with the God Speaker, a new, request emerges. One of Oma's daughters seeks her aid, igniting fresh intrigue as the crew faces a path fraught with enigma and peril.

Session 7

In a climactic showdown, the crew faces the perils of an island raised in chaos. The engines strain against the burden, their heat a testament to the struggle to maintain control. The mist, far from ordinary, dances with eerie unpredictability, hinting at the unnatural tempest brewing.

From the mist's shroud, grotesque creatures claw their way up the island's flank, led by a colossal mist dragon. Pyrig's quick thinking unleashes a pulse, decimating the swarm while the dragon claims another unfortunate vessel. With Oma's skilled navigation, Xoothar takes command, and the orphan bravely mans the guns, they engage the beast, battling it into submission.

But an SOS from a besieged mist shelter calls their attention, and they entrust The Bird to an unexpected guest, the Governess, as they rush to rescue the bar. In a frantic struggle, Sera inhales the sinister mist, and the creatures coalesce into a monstrous entity. Oma falls, and Pyrig's healing efforts prove futile. 

Yet, their determination prevails as they triumph over the colossal creature. The survivors make their way to the dock, seeking salvation from the chaos. Oma is returned but at what cost?

Their respite is short-lived as the Governess congratulates them, revealing an eerie alliance with the orphan. As they morph, the true nature of these changelings unravels, leaving the crew to grapple with unsettling questions about the enigmatic figures who have yet to reveal their intentions.

Session 6

Oma finds herself trapped against her will in the confines of the "Not Ready to Rest" old person home. Mysterious circumstances surround her incarceration, with the staff claiming her "daughter" as the orchestrator of her predicament. In this bleak place, Oma receives a black dahlia, a symbol of a past shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, Sera, Pyrig, and Xoothar launch a daring rescue mission. Their journey takes them to the doorstep of the old person home, where negotiations with the unyielding staff prove futile. Communicating through a magically locked window, they concoct a bingo hall diversion to free Oma, unleashing a comical chaos that culminates in her liberation, accompanied by an unexpected three-legged feline friend.

Amidst the tumultuous rescue, Sera and Xoothar's differences spark a heated argument, questioning their responsibilities and trust within the group. Pyrig, unfazed by the discord, engages with his clam companion. Oma seizes a moment to pen a heartfelt letter to her sister.

The following day, Xoothar and Pyrig venture forth to discover the Governess's response to the impending mist storm. To their astonishment, the Governess not only acknowledges their story but unveils a daring plan to temporarily raise the island. Xoothar strikes a deal to assist in exchange for the coveted Mistwarden suits and hints of future mist-related contracts. Returning to The Bird, the crew prepares to embark on this audacious endeavor as the first lightning streaks signal the storm's imminent arrival.

Session 5

In the epic tale of this tumultuous chapter, our intrepid band of adventurers bests a golden golem, their mettle shining as brightly as the precious metal of their adversary's form. Yet, a new challenge arises as Pyrig becomes an unwitting vessel for a malevolent chaos book, fortifying him with an astonishing AC of 37. Through unity and resolve, they obliterate the malefic tome, vanquishing its dark influence.

Soon, the mouthpiece of Belahm booms, presenting a choice between chaos and law, forewarning of an impending miststorm. As a divided group decides to embrace chaos and reveal the storm's approach to the island, Pyrig receives a divine clam from the god. Discord stirs as Sera questions their newfound roles as arbiters of fate, leading to a schism in the group.

Pyrig and Xoothar embark on a perilous journey to seek aid from Corvin and the Governess, securing a contract to protect the island from the miststorm, but at a treacherous cost. Meanwhile, Oma's path to the miststorm shelters takes an unexpected turn when a stranger attempts to divert her to a retirement home.

Sera embarks on a quest to acquire a Mistwarden suit, a key to unlocking the potential of mistech for The Bird's engine. Her search leads her to whispers of Amir, a potential seller of this coveted artifact. Sera returns to The Bird with Pyrig and Xoothar. Tensions flare as Xoothar's anger simmers over Oma's absence. Later, Sera skillfully removes the tracker planted by Char.

Yet, in the shadows of the miststorm's looming approach, Oma's journey takes a sinister turn as she falls under a mysterious charm and is imprisoned within a retirement home, a new twist in their unfolding saga.

Session 4

In an unexpected twist, our valiant adventurers swap the chaos of cosmic enigmas for a more grounded pursuit – antique shopping at the quirky emporium, "Old & Bold." Amidst the treasures of yesteryears, Xoothar discovers strange pants, while Oma unearths the elusive glass bowl, the object of their quest. With newfound curios in tow, the group strikes a deal with Corvin, the enigmatic Aetherwright, exchanging two mystic orbs for a blend of coin, repairs, upgrades, and a local quest that beckons them to the sacred Temple of Belahm.

Their journey takes a divine turn as Pyrig's clerical prowess unlocks the temple's enigmatic gates. Inside, puzzles and perils await, from ooze-filled chambers to gravity-defying trials to angry flora & fauna. A surreal episode unfolds when Sera's cast iron pan gains sentience, leading to a culinary conundrum. At the temple's heart, a trove of treasures beckons alongside a roused golem, poised to challenge their mettle. In the depths of history, fortune and fury intertwine, awaiting our heroes' next move.

Session 3

Amidst the turbulent tempest of the Maelstrom's twilight, Xoothar is wrenched from the eldritch maw of the engine, angering a wrathful behemoth that knows the very names of our intrepid adventurers. With chilling words, the beast coerces their compliance, offering a dire choice – surrender to entwined doom or face their mortal end in the void. "My eye is upon you," it intones, sealing their fate in cosmic dread.

A split-second decision divides the group as Sera and Oma embark on a daring rescue mission for their comrade, while Pyrig tends to the wounded Vin and ultimately seizes a box of galaxy orbs, fleeing with Vin to the sanctuary of The Bird. Despite a treacherous journey beset by peril, which doesn't even hurt declares Sera, the group reunites, and the Maelstrom meets its explosive end.

However, the universe's machinations are unrelenting, as Char of the Free Skies Collation descends upon The Bird, probing for unlawful salvaging, leaving our crew with a tracking mark. In Granport, they seek to trade two galaxy orbs but need glass to hold the volatile objects. However, tempests of both weather and fate threaten their pursuit as the storm-ravaged city hungers for glass to lay its restless dead to rest.

Session 2

Through phasing chaos and temporal tumult, our daring troupe approaches the Maelstrom's enigmatic signal. Phasing metal claims Xoothar, as the ship battles to break free from the clutches of material interwoven between dimensions. With bravado, they navigate through space's dance, striving to locate their vanished comrade and uncover the Maelstrom's fractured past. Confronting horrors both eldritch and nightmarish, they grapple with orbs that age at a touch and unleash the terrors of entwined creatures feasting upon the ship's essence. From the bridge to engineering, their path unfolds as a tapestry woven with peril and daring leaps, all culminating in a bold gambit to halt the Maelstrom's heart. As the engine's pulse falters, Xoothar is freed from its grasp, yet an anguished eldritch wrath lingers in the shadows, poised to defy time itself. 

Session 1 

In a realm touched by both mystery and mist, our band of adventurers awakens to a watery awakening courtesy of the mischievous Pyrig. The sound of an otherworldly alarm beckons them to a phasing enigma lurking within the mist. But this is not the beginning; nay, let's venture back to days of yore when they arrived at GranPort, fresh from their heroic endeavors. Amidst a sea of mist-corrupted souls, a poignant moment unfolds as a young orphan's tears blend with the mist, while Oma offers solace. Sera, drawn by the shadows of an alley, is propositioned into the clandestine world of contraband, sparking a debate among comrades. Resolute against nefarious paths, they march to collect their dues from the enigmatic Atherwrite Corvin, sparking an unexpected contract involving the mystic Maelstrom's secrets. A choice snubbed, a past revisited, and an airship christened "The Bird" awaits as they sail toward the enigma of the Maelstrom.